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 Summarize ALL of the various types of rotary drilling rigs discussed in chapter 4 of the textbook. Do some online search and include pictures of each rig type in your presentation. 

b) Create ONE rig profile for a land, barge, jackup, submersible, semisubmersible, or drillship type drilling rig (Just one rig profile needed for this assignment, NOT one of every rig type). At a minimum, the rig profile should include a rig photo, the rig specifications, and the company who owns the rig. Keep in mind that minimum effort results in earning a minimum grade of a “C” on this assignment. Examples of rig profiles can be found on the drilling rig contractor websites.

 c) Create a list of services that might be contracted by the operator to drill a well using the rig in your rig profile. The following writing aids are located in the top block of Moodle to help the student with the spelling and use of oil and gas industry terms, and to assist students in designing.


DQ 1: Why is it important for teachers to discern the cultural differences among their students? How can a teacher learn more about the cultures of their students? How could this new information influence lesson planning and student learning? 

DQ 2: Based on your educational experiences provide an example where the cultural needs of you or your peers were not addressed. How should it have been handled?



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