Education System

Question 1

Writing a 1,200 word essay on:

The failing school education system in the United States is in large part due to the dwindling state of the institution of family.


Outline the role of three contributing social agencies that have made positive changes in the lives of drug addicts.

-Incorporate quotes from credible sources with a bibliography! It will be checked for plagiarism!

Question 2

1. Formulate the business rationale for an information system.

2. Explain how organizations’ can be managed better by intelligent use of information systems.

3. Understanding information system security and reliability of the organization. Instructions to student:

 You can make use of the library resources to find information

 Internet resources can also be used to search for information

 Present the relevant references/citation at the end of the document

 Marks will be awarded for the content written in your own words

 If two or more documents contain duplicate information, marks will be deducted

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