Economics in the Workplace

5 page paper addressing each point listed below and to include any addtional information that may be helpful.

Define what your company does: Substance abuse treatment facility providing methadone medication assistance treatment to adults.


Does competition reduce costs? No all clients are covered by medicade and organizations are paid the same rate for all services stipulated in the contract.


What is the impact of regulatory pressures? Quality of client care suffers due to demand on paperwork, deadlines, and added paperwork.


How is labor divided? therapist, medical doctors, managment, and administrative employees


Explain you company’s productivity, efficiency, and output? For profit organization therefore the organization very profitable.


What are the trends in your industry?


Explain the information technology externalities.

Is there a global experience? How has it impacted the company?


Three year projected new product lines. There is no forseen new product lines as the insurance companies that pay for treatment saves money by mandating clients to participate in medication assistance treatment.


Three year projected new business development? expanding business to treat with other medication assistance treatements such as suboxone and vivitrol.


Summarize in a few paragraphs the organizations ability to withstand the current economic turmoil. Organizations such as substance abuse treatment continues to excel as more people prescribed narcotics to deal with stress and become addicted and in need of treatment.


Please let me know if additional information is needed to complete this assignment.

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