Economic Paradigm

1) All scientific investigations are initially founded upon:

A) multiple hypotheses, some of which are unanswerable.

B) good experiments.

C) good observations.

D) an already accepted theory.

2) Discriminatory trade practices that favor industrialized countries over developing countries are:

A) rare and are gradually being eliminated.

B) not issues of concern to environmental scientists.

C) the number one issue at every meeting of the World Trade Organization.

D) ways that industrialized countries support sustainable resource management.

3) The Doha Round of WTO meetings have failed to reach agreement about:

A) currency exchange.

B) farm subsidies and trade barriers.

C) converting the economies of developed nation from green to brown.

D) how to control public protests at future WTO meetings.

4) The ecological economic paradigm argues that the environment encompasses the economy because the environment is essential to provide:

A) vital raw materials and ecosystem services and absorb wastes.

B) solar energy needed for plants and to light our environment during the day.

C) transportation along highways, railways, rivers, and oceans.

D) the energy necessary to run our homes and factories.

5) What do the GDP and the World Bank both fail to include in their measures of wealth?

A) the importance of law and order in a society

B) the gradual deterioration of machinery used in industrial manufacturing

C) the income from the sales of goods abroad

D) natural services provided by ecosystem

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