Economic Opportunity Act

Question 1

The Five Federal Laws and the Human Service Movement

Discuss the intent of each of these five laws that are presented in Chapter Two of your course text: 

1. The establishment of the National Institute of Mental Health (1946)
2. The Mental Health Study Act (1955)
3. The Community Mental Health Centers Act (1963)
4. The Economic Opportunity Act (1964)
5. The Schneuer Sub-professional Career Act (1966)

Additionally, describe the role of the National Organization for Human Service Education and the Council for Standards in Human Service Education in their application.

Your assignment should be two- to- three pages (excluding title and reference pages). Include at least two references to online sources and at least one peer-reviewed journal article that was published within the last five years found at the online library. All sources must be formatted according to APA guidelines.

Question 2
Why might customer actions and attitudes cause the service performance gap to occur? Use an example in your personal experience to illustrate your understanding. Explain in your own words no citations will be aloud on this discussion board post.

425 word minimum



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