Economic Issue Assignment

This week you will complete this into a final paper, which will replace the traditional final exam. This paper should be 7-10 pages in length (not counting the cover page and works cited page) and include at least 5 works cited.

As you are writing your paper, include causes, implications on economic systems, and unintended consequences. Use theories learned in this class in your evaluation and make sure you include potential solutions-preferably different than what you can find in the popular press. Also, if possible include examples from your life experiences to support your research.

Your paper can be on any issue or topic covered in this class. Some suggestions may be:

  • Income Distribution and Poverty. (Choose one focus area)
  • Criminalization of poverty
  • Gender roles in poverty
  • Race and poverty
  • Minmum wage and Poverty
  • Poverty causes and issues in a given state or country
  • If we eliminate poverty, will our economic system crash?
  • Social programs- do they help people get out of poverty?

 Hyperinflation (Select a specific country-Argentina, Greece, Chili, etc.)

  • Market Failure and Public Goods.
  • Monopoly and Anti-Trust regulation. (Select a specific case to discuss)
  • Impact of tariffs- i.e. proposed 20% tax on Mexican goods, or breaking the GATT or other trade agreements.
    • Who pays the tariff?
    • Implications of tariff on US economy or the Global economy
  • Select your own topic of interest and propose it to me.

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