Economic Development Theories

Question 1

Part 1

Part one requires qualitative explanations that display your understanding of the concepts of risk and return. You are required to answer the following questions by providing deeper insights about the concepts of risk and return.

Question 1 (10 marks)

Explain how the risk of shares can be calculated by the standard deviation. Your explanation should include the usage of the dispersion statistics, the normal distribution, and the probability, and how those concepts are utilized in real life finance.

Question 2 (20 marks)

Explain how adding new shares to a portfolio can affect the risk and return of that portfolio. You should use the concepts of correlation coefficient and the standard deviation in your explanations.

Question 3

You have been appointed by the NPC in the office of the president to do the research regarding South Africas comparative position in global terms. Over the last 20 years SA has achieved many of its developmental goals, but has struggled with many problems such as identified in the NDP. The three main problems as identified are unemployment, poverty and ineqaulity. You are required to compile a report with policy recomendations to the president showing SA’s changing comparative global position since 1997 to 2017. You must build a clear case from global development index indicators using global data bases by using at least 15 index indicators of development economics. Also you need to analyse results from data and link such to at least 3 economic development theories.



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