Early Warning Systems

Research and history have taught us that identifying “problem” police officers early on alerts the police department of the problem and enables them to intervene and change this type of behavior. This cuts down on citizen complaints, lawsuits, etc., and helps weed out problem police officers before it is too late. Many departments describe these programs as early warning systems.

In a 3-5 page paper using APA format, provide the following information:

Approximately how many departments currently have such a system?
What is the average size of these departments?
Choose one or two large police departments that have such a system (maybe in your local area).
Describe the history of that system (when it went into effect, was it difficult to enact, etc.).
Attempt to contact an official from the department and ask about its success and/or failures.
How do these systems work? Be as specific as possible.
How are problem officers indentified and monitored?
Is there an intervention process? If so, briefly explain.
How are officers disiciplined?

Provide any suggestions you may have for changing the system in one of the departments you selected. What would you do to make it more beneficial in identifying problem police officers?



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