Doctoral Study

Question 1

The Future of E-commerce in Developing Countries Like Ghana.

A ten page paper on the topic with citations not later than 2015 for incorporation in a doctoral study literature review. The paper should have good synthesis following the MEAL plan – MEAL: Good paragraphs start with a topic sentence in your own words (no citation). The M stands for Main idea. Put the topic sentence/main idea of the paragraph in the first sentence. The E stands for Evidence (think sources/citation to support your topic sentence).

The second and perhaps third sentence should present evidence to support your topic sentence. The A stands for Analysis. You should analyze the evidence in your own words. Finally, the L stands for Lead out sentence, into the next paragraph. The best scholarly writers have transition sentences that lead nicely conclude the paragraph and lead into the next paragraph and topic sentence.

Question 2

Write a report about fictional b2c business

The first phase of the report will be about analyzing the current on-demand business model being used (Please use Uber as the example). The second phase will need to integrate the above-mentioned items into your business (my business is a language learning application, someone who speaks English can tutor another one whose first language is not English). Based on the analysis, your company will develop a new Internet-based system (no need to develop now, just need to analyze it first).



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