Do You Have the Will to Lead?

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Guidelines for Assignment #2: “Do You Have the Will to Lead?”

Read the article “Do You Have the Will to Lead?” by Polly LaBarre, linkedbelow: Philosopher Peter Koestenbaum ( on his thoughts on leadership. Koestenbaum devotes much of his thinking to the philosophical side of leadership.

Use essay format with introduction and conclusion and address the following:
1). Discuss two of Koestenbaum’s concepts that are most meaningful to you. Please include direct quotations of passages that are most relevant to you. Explain why you feel strongly about these ideas.
2). He also discusses “four dimensions of leadership” (vision, reality, ethics, and courage). Which two dimensions pertain most to you? Discuss why they pertain to you.
3). Which of his concepts do you see connecting closely to recent lectures? (explain).
4). Article available on the Web at:

Format for Assignments:

  • You must use a WORD or PDF document and submit into the Blackboard dropbox
  • The top left corner on page one must contain the course assignment number and name

    (Assignment #), the course number and the course name (FM 268-sec#, Team Development Workshop), the semester, your name, the date it is submitted, and my name (Professor Kohan).

  • Pages must be 1.5 spaced, using 10 to 12 size fonts, with page numbers. The assignment should be written in essay format with an introduction and conclusion.
  • Your assignment MUST use the following file name format when submitting as an attachment in Blackboard: First name_Last name_FM268Assignment# (ie: Liz_McLean_FM268Assignment1). 10 points are automatically deducted for assignments not


properly named in the attachment.

All assignment content must be in ONE WORD or PDF document. Do not submit your assignmentsin fragments because I will not read more than ONE document, and I will only read your first submission. Duplicate submissions beyond the first will be deleted.

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