Distinctive Needs

The Financial Statements  For 2017 To Do A Ratio Analysis For His Company. Please Complete Part 1 And Part 2.


You are to show the formulas for each of the ratio analysis listed below (you do not need to do all of the calculations, however), and choose the 3 that you feel will provide the most information to the owner. Using the financial statements provided, do the calculations for those 3 ratios, and show your work in an Excel document. 

  • Current ratio
  • Acid-test (quick) ratio
  • Debt ratio
  • Inventory turnover
  • Accounts receivable turnover
  • Return on net sales
  • Return on total assets
  • Return on common stockholder’s equity
  • Earnings per share


 This week you had the opportunity to learn about evaluation within the workplace at a level where results affect the outcome of the company’s success. Research an organization that you feel may be in need of a restructure in their use of evaluations. Develop the steps you would take to look for problems preventing an organization from being successful. In addition, support how you might obtain and utilize feedback for future improvement. 

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