Distinct Theme

Question 1

Write a 750 word essay over the following prompt using the lyrics to Let Her Go by passenger. The essay will NOT require any use of secondary sources. Please format according to MLA style.

Using the lyrics to your favorite song, prove that musical lyrics are in fact poetry. Find three elements of poetry which are present in your song’s lyrics.

Then, create a three key point thesis which indicates the song title, song writer, and the three elements of poetry present in the song’s lyrics.

Your essay will consist of five paragraphs: an introduction paragraph (with a clear thesis), three body paragraphs (one for each element of poetry), and a conclusion.

You will need to directly quote and cite the song lyrics within your body paragraphs in order to prove the points you are making.

Question 2

Please write a compare and contrast essay that responds to the following prompt: Basketball figures prominently in both Yusef Komunyakka’s “Slam, Dunk, & Hook” and Edward Hirsch’s “Fast Break.” In a 750-1000 word essay, compare and contrast the two poems, analyzing the literary devices each writer uses to explore the speaker’s attitude toward the game of basketball and each poem’s distinct theme.

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