Discovery Model


Assignment 1: Practical Use of the Discovery Model

The discovery phase is important to the consulting cycle as it helps detect and understand the problem in the client organization. Consider the organization you are currently working with or any other organization you know has a problem that needs to be resolved. Then, complete the following:

  1. Describe what you believe to be your client’s present problem or the problem that needs a solution.
  2. Provide a redefinition of the problem that expresses your understanding based on your research. Remember that a client may not accurately identify or describe a problem.
  3. List the questions you will ask to elicit this information from your client and discover the problem.
  4. Describe what you think will be your client’s reaction to your questions.


  1. What are the important elements of strategy? Why?  
  2. What issues may arise if your do not identify all the potential disadvantages of your plan?  
  3. Why is it crucial to provide both proactive (during the implementation) and reactive (after completing the implementation) feedback to management?

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