Digital Story

For the final part of the Google Sites Project, each student will create their own digital story about their selected topic by integrating student-written text, the Infographic assignment, and carefully chosen multimedia (images, articles, video, etc.) using Google Sites, to create a cohesive discussion of the topic with appropriate use of ideas from course readings.

Assignment Guidelines

Synthesize your resources from the Annotated Bibliography assignment to develop a unique digital story about your topic using the free “Google Sites” web-based tool (scroll down to see instructions and resources for using Google Sites).

Your digital story in Google Sites is to include references to 12+ sources including:

  • Statistical sources used in the Infographic assignment
  • Additional topic sources used in the Annotated Bibliography assignment
  • References to a minimum of 5 course readings (specifics below)

Course reading references discussed in your digital story must hit at least two of the following three sources:

  • Kulwin, N., “The Internet Apologizes…”
  • Kling, R., (1996). “What is Social Informatics and Why Does it Matter?”
  • Rogers, E., (2003). Diffusion of Innovations, 5th ed., Chapter 1

The remaining course reading discussion must come from different units as listed in the course syllabus. So, for example, if you reference Sellen, et. al.’s “Reflecting Human Values in the Digital Age” you can’t also reference Norman’s article “Emotion and Design: Attractive Things Work Better” as it’s from the same syllabus unit.

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