Digital Relationship


Objective: Relationships can fill our lives with connection and belonging, and heartache and frustration. Utilizing a specific theoretical perspective for this paper, you will offer a synthesis of the current research on a chosen relationship type, a common problem that occurs in this relationship (supported by evidence), and a solution to that problem in accordance with the research of your theory.

Problem: Use Different Communication Theorys and concepts to talk about how relationships are going digital, how COVID has caused this, or how the development of technology has caused this, and the Problems that come along with this. 

Literature Review  A literature review is a synthesis of existing research on a particular topic (in this case, a theory, relationship type, and/or relationship problem). This review should provide important context for the argument that you will make later in the paper on how to solve this problem. It’s important to remember that the literature review should integrate and analyze and integrate ideas together rather than individually reviewing each source. Typically lit reviews are organized thematically and come before your argument. Lastly, your literature review should show how your argument will fit into the past and present research.



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