Digital Media

Question 1

Students are required to obtain a minimum of three (3) journal articles on digital media to cover the following issues. The digital media have in many ways, changed how audiences or producers consume media products and how they benefit most from it. The media institutions are threatened by new/digital media. The development of new/digital media means the audience is more powerful in terms of consumption and production. The media institutions should react positively to the opportunities offered by new/ digital media The developments in new/digital media mean that audiences can now have access to a greater variety of views and values. The traditional media institutions are facing up to the challenges posed by new/digital media

Question 2

You are required to present a PowerPoint presentation on the following topic, you are required to compare two countries: Turks and Caicos Island and the Bahamas.

Below are some of the criteria’s that should be included in this presentation.

  1. Explain the term tourism – international and domestic
  2. Identify the linkages across the economy with tourism, e.g. Foreign exchange, employment, all direct and indirect gains
  3. Evaluate the negatives behind the current tourism modes on the region e.g. Cost of tourism – environmental, social (gambling, prostitution, HIV/AIDS, tourism harassment)
  4. Assess the contribution of tourism to the region’s growth and development. e.g. Community tourism vs all -inclusive model tourism other tourism niche (eco- tourism)

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