Digital Media

Question 1

Students are required to obtain a minimum of three (3) journal articles on digital media to cover the following issues. The digital media have in many ways, changed how audiences or producers consume media products and how they benefit most from it. The media institutions are threatened by new/digital media. The development of new/digital media means the audience is more powerful in terms of consumption and production. The media institutions should react positively to the opportunities offered by new/ digital media The developments in new/digital media mean that audiences can now have access to a greater variety of views and values. The traditional media institutions are facing up to the challenges posed by new/digital media.

Question 2

Assignment Details : An exploratory study on factors that affects self-esteem of children with dyslexia at selected special needs centres and schools in Kuala Lumpur.

Research questions

1. What are the views of headmasters, teachers, psychologist, on their self-esteem?

2. How does these issues affect children with dyslexia’s self-esteem?

3. What are the appropriate supports/guidance for individuals with dyslexia to cope with their issues? (from teacher, peers, parents)

Question 3

Is Marketing Management an Art or a Science? Some observer maintain that good marketing is mostly an art and does not lend itself to rigorous analysis and deliberation. Other contend it is a highly disciplined enterprise that shares much with other business discipline.

Question: Marketing management is largely artistic exercise and therefore highly subjective versus marketing management is largely a scientific exercise with well-established guidelines and criteria. Please discuss.

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