Digital Image Archive

General: The assessment should be 1 full page, typed, double-spaced, and should conform to the APA formatting and content guidelines for the course.

Prompt: For your Image Archive Paper, you used the digital image archives available through the library’s web resources to construct an argument for the inclusion of a single image in the class collection. The class collection that came from this exercise is now available on Blackboard, and it will be used to construct another argument – now informed by the texts you’ve read and discussed thus far this semester. This argument will focus on the effect of viewing the images as a collection.

  • How do these images, taken together, create a particular picture of the state?
  • How do they complement and complicate each other?
  • If limited to these images, how would you use them to illustrate a particular vision of South Carolina presented in either South Carolina in the Modern Age or Red Hills and Cotton or Lemon Swamp?

Citing specific images, and at least one written text, construct a response to the above questions. You need not make direct reference to every image. However, you will need to show that you have taken all of the images into consideration when coming to your conclusions. *Please note that this can include the supplemental images as well.

Links to the images:

man on a tractor 

train coming into Yemassee Station 

twisted cotton strands in mill loom 

Big Apple nightclub sign.

Hampton Branchville RR Station 

Unknown African American solider and daughter 

Water Well, Mill Village, Lancaster 

Grave plot

Campertown Mills 

Yap Ye Iswa 

Tillman Hall

Train coming into Yemassee Station 


  • Titles of books, journals, magazines, websites, movies, anthologies, and television shows and other similar “large” units are italicized every time you use them.
  • Titles of articles, short stories, webpages, individual episodes of televisions shows, poems and other “small” items found inside of “large” items are enclosed in parentheses every time you use them.
  • Nothing is every underlined if you are composing on a computer. Nothing ever is both enclosed in parentheses and italicized.

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