Differential Association Theory

Question 1

Answer each question in one paragraph (at least 100 words, total of 4 separate paragraphs answering the questions)

  • In your opinion, what is the key factor or factors that contribute to crime? (one paragraph)
  • The motto of differential association theory might be “we are who we associate with.” Think of the neighbor you know best. Does differential association theory help to explain why/why not they are a criminal? Why or why not? (One paragraph)
  • Think of the most delinquent person you knew about in high school. Does Hirschi’s classic control theory help to explain their delinquency? e.g., were they low in the bonds representing his dimensions of attachment/belief/commitment, etc. Why or why not? If not, what may have explained their delinquent ways? (One paragraph)
  • Choose one of the following questions to discuss (choose one topic to write a paragraph on)
  • a)Think of a serious delinquent from your HS days. Do any of the characteristics of Tellegen’s concept of negative emotionality fit this case? Give an example. If not, what might explain the case?
  • b)Think of a criminal portrayed in a major motion picture. Does the character display any of the five characteristics of the psychopath? Give an example.

Question 2

Consider the following statement: “Traditional publishing has been rendered unnecessary by the rise of digital publication.”

First respond by creating a deductive argument. Then, respond using an inductive argument. Each argument should be three-to-five sentences in length and should stand alone. In a final paragraph, explain the type of deduction and induction employed in each argument, and which argument you believe is more effective in refuting or supporting the statement provided.

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