difference between functional and non-functional requirements

Question description

This is the first quiz for the class, and I have some tribal to answer the questions.

Please make sure that you use full sentences in your responses

1.  Explain the difference between functional and non-functional requirements and give an example of each.

2.  Describe the term legacy software and give an example.

3.  Define COTS software and give an example of one that you might use as a student.

4.  What is the “cone of uncertainty” and how is it used to estimate the cost of a software development project?

5.  Modularization id a technique used to handle complexity in software development, explain what the term means, including an example.

6.   What activities occur in the requirements definition process and where does it occur in the sequence of software engineering tasks?

7.  Describe 2 factors which might affect the length of time it takes to produce quality software.

8.  Why is it not possible to remove all errors from software before it is released, give 3 reasons?

9.  There are many different types of software applications, give an example of embedded, webapp, and mobile apps and discuss some of the characteristics that make them different.

10.  Provide three examples of how software has positively impacted society.



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