Development Of Online CD Shop Using Java Abstract

Development of Online CD Shop using Java Abstract The online shop has already become a most popular shopping experience over the world nowadays. Therefore this project will to develop a website of Online CD shop by using Java programming language. My aim is to build a website which provides customers can convenient choosing and buying CD products online. And also the website administrator can easy to manage customers’ orders and update CDs detail. In this project, the main programming structure is building by Java language. However, the other language may include if necessary, such as HTML, XML. The JDBC technology will use in this project for processing data. Introduction The Online CD shop website is an application that implemented as a distributed, three-tier, web based application. The client tier is represented by the user’s Web browser. The browser displays Java Server Pages (JSP) that allows the user to interact with the server tier. The server tier processes acts on behalf of the client and interact with the database. Motivation Nowadays, most people who are no time to shop on store. With the Internet speedy development, the online shopping comes to our life, with fast buying and shipping, the people no need to spend lots of time to go over many shops for find a product. My friend has a CD instant shop, who asks me to build an online CD shop website for extend shopping experience of his CD shop. Promote each others for increase sales. System Structures The PC installed Microsoft Windows XP sp3, Java 2 Development Kit 5.0 Update 7 (JDK 1.5.0_07), NetBean IDE 5.0, apache tomcat 5.5.27, and Internet Explorer 7.0 Functions The Online CD shop website will allow customers to register and login online shop. In CD shop customer page, the user can view, add, and delete items in shopping cart. And also allow user updating their person information and password. Otherwise, this…

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