Development Consultants

Question 1

You will look at the Organization Chart and determine whether this team has a tall structure or a flat structure. Remember to explain your answer. Look at the Process Chart and identify which step of the Human Resources Cycle is missing and explain why it is important to include this part of the process. Identify the leader’s style of leadership and list two benefits and two drawbacks to that style as it relates to the performance of the team. Provide some advice to the team leader on how to overcome the drawbacks of this leadership style.

Review the organizational chart for the company your work for or another company to complete part four.

Question 2

Write a two- to three-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) defining the various components of the roles and styles of Organizational Development Consultants (ODC). Based on your research, compare and contrast the roles and styles of an ODC and explain the role and style that would best fit you as an ODC.

You need to utilize at least two scholarly sources (excluding your text) for this paper and your paper must be formatted according to APA style

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