Developing a Personal Perspective

Discuss how the theoretical model of behavior that a person adopts has an impact not just on the student’s view of psychology but also on the person’s view of himself or herself. Do you think of your own behaviors as being caused by unconscious processes, by biological forces, by learning experiences, or by your environment? Post your personal understanding of abnormal psychology based on the perspective. Identify your model and explain why you are influenced by this model. After you have posted your preferred model read and reply to a minimum of two classmates posts.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
In this Youtube clip Howey Mandel, is interviewed regarding his struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Howey Mandel and OCD

View this and consider the questions that follow:

1. Identify his symptoms and specify which are obsessions and which are compulsions.

2. Given his symptoms what would you suggest in terms of treatment? I suggest medication be a part of the plan. Why would I say this?

3. Did anything surprise you as you listened? If you know an individual with OCD how do they cope with it?

Post you thoughts in the discussion forum and then read and reply to you classmates posts. For full credit you must post three times, your post (1), and a minimum of 2 replies. You are free to reply to more than 2 classmates of course. Remember find a post that spurs some reaction in you, that you want to add some thoughts to.
Suicide Seekers
I am including a Ted Talk here on suicide, to get you thinking about this difficult topic. I think we need to begin to look at the phenomenon of suicide as more than a severe symptom of depression. This has been the traditional viewpoint for many years. The individual in the clip makes a case for this I think. Share your thoughts and reactions to the clip and posting your findings. This is a discussion so read and reply to what your classmates reactions and thoughts were as well.

Eating Disorders Media Search
For this activity I want you to do a media search on the topic of eating disorders. Here are your instructions:

1) Decide on an area of focus I suggest you choose from the following: causation (family, temperament/personality, media, cultural or gender driven), treatment approaches, or a clinical profile/case study

2) You can use the library internet database system to search for scholarly articles on the topic, or use the internet to look for things like “youtube” clips that are relevant, or news items, etc.

Once you have found some interesting material to work with you will summarize your findings. What you should include in your summary are the following:

a) Identify the source of your material, if a journal article provide the citation (APA), provide the hyperlink if an internet link

b) Provide a brief summary of the content

c) How does your material relate to the text’s discussion of this topic

c) Share your thoughts and reactions

Post your summary in discussions and read and reply to a minimum of two of your classmates..

Substance Abuse
For this discussion I am giving you a choice of topics that relate to substance abuse. Here they are, you choose the one that speaks to you the most. In your replies feel free to respond to either topic in terms of classmate’s posts. Here are your topics:

1) Discuss the effectiveness of drug education today. How effective have current efforts, such as DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance and Education), been in preventing children from becoming drug abusers? Recent data indicate that this program is less successful than originally hoped. I have provided a link for you to view which speaks to me in terms of prevention, our culture, treatment and tragedy. Addiction and Amy Winehouse

View the link, and then based on your readings in the text, personal experiences and reflections share your thoughts.

2) Cannabis and Society: After exploring the content related to marijuana and perhaps incorporating your own study or experience with this topic what do you think is the role of cannabis in society. Should it be legalized? Is medical use appropriate? What are the risks and benefits of such social change?

ADHD Treatment ImplicationsContains
I have worked a great deal in the area of ADHD and am excited at some of the treatment innovations that are out there, especially non-medication interventions. There have been newer medications developed, Vyvance, purportedly has fewer side-effects for example. I want you to be aware of all the options. Your sources in the OER are varied and interesting. So, similar to the eating disorders activity I am going to have you do a search for information on treatment for ADHD. Feel free to utilize the OER sources but don’t hesitate to look beyond. You can explore drug therapy, biofeedback, cognitive, behavioral, coaching, strategies that relate to study skills, life skills, computer based interventions (Interactive Metronome would be an example.)

1) Find an article (use the library database) or internet source on the subject

2) Summarize what you found

3) What are your thoughts and experiences in terms of the treatment of ADHD. Most of us have either direct experience or indirect via a friend or family member. What have you seen with regards to effective or ineffective treatment? Do you question the prevalence of the diagnosis? Do you think schools or parents could do more to help children/teens manage symptoms other than prescribing medications?

Post your findings and then read and reply to your classmates posts, a minimum of two.

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