Determinants of Demand

Write a 500 to 750-word report on the five determinants of demand listed in our text (McEachern). Proceed with this assignment as follows:

Complete the Determinants of Demand Table. Your completed table will include: (1) definitions of the determinants of demand and (2) a discussion of how the determinants affect demand (whether demand increases or decreases).

The following bullets include some words that are in blue — use these words as first-level headings with appropriate capitalization. Your report should include:

Include a brief introduction and a conclusion. See the note, Introductions and Conclusions, for more information on introductions and conclusions.
Your Determinants of Demand Table. Download a copy of the table, which is in an MS Word file, by clicking on the name of the table shown above. For more details, see the information included in that Word file.
A brief discussion of a real-world example of how a change in one of the five determinants of demand (you only need to discuss one determinant) has changed the demand for a product or service you use.
In your conclusion, explain why business managers should have a solid understanding of the determinants of demand. Please note: Your conclusion should also review all the major elements of your report.

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