Designing a Logo

Question description

I. Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to create a logo for your fictional organization. The logo should convey something about the organization that it represents; it should send a message to the viewer. The message may be something as concrete as a truck logo for a trucking company or a diving board for a swimming pool maintenance company. It may be as subtle as conveying a feeling or attitude such as one that gives “formality” or “confidence” or “fun entertaining feeling”. What does the style of type convey, the position of lettering? Be able to explain your choice.

Avoid any trademark conflicts associated with the design or a copyright infringement. Be aware of creating an untasteful design. A design that may be misconstrued to be offensive to ANYONE is not acceptable.

II. Steps

  • 1)To help you in completing this exercise you should review the following Website: . It will be helpful in giving you some idea of what makes a really good logo.
  • 2)You will use Adobe Photoshop to create your logo. Your logo must meet the following requirements:
    • File size: approximately 200×200 (It is okay if the logo is not in the shape of a square)
    • File format: JPEG, GIF or PNG.
    • The logo must include a graphic (i.e., line art) of some sort (not purely text and background). Do not take someone else’s graphic (free or otherwise) and modify it. Note: You will not lose points for including your own photograph(s) into the logo. However, besides the photograph(s), the logo must contain line art or some other image that you create.
    • The logo must incorporate at least one special effect by using tools, filters, and/or styles (e.g., gradient, sharpen, drop shadow).
    • The logo must provide sufficient color contrast (between foreground and background, between text and image, etc.) and be CUD-compliant by testing it using the color-blindness soft proofing features in Photoshop:
      • Choose View > Proof Setup > choose either Color Blindness – Protanopia-type or Color Blindness – Deuteranopia-type. (To comply with CUD, check your logo in both views.)
  • 3)In addition to the logo, write a narrative that explains (1) how and why you chose the specific design for the logo, (2) what special effect(s) is incorporated into the logo, and (3) how the logo meets accessibility guidelines. The narrative should be at least 2 paragraphs (more than 150 words).
  • 4)Copy and paste the logo in a MS Word document (Edit à Paste Special à Device Independent Bitmap) along with the narrative, and submit the document via Blackboard using the Assignments Tool.

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