Deserted Island

Question 1

Now that we’ve learned about the different types of government, let’s think about which type would be most effective in this fictional situation.

You and a group of classmates have been stranded on a deserted island. There are 20 of you that survived the plane crash as you were on your way to Hawaii for a spring break trip. You were not able to salvage any supplies, so the only resources you have are those on the island. Your immediate reaction is to find food and shelter. You also realize the need for some form of rules to keep people safe until you can be rescued.

You decide that it’s necessary to create a government for your civilization. Consider the following questions. Submit your responses using the dropbox location for the “Stranded” activity.

  1. Would there be any laws to control how you lived, what right or freedoms you exercised, or what property you had? Why?
  2. Considering the key terms from this unit, what type or form of government would be best suited for you situation? Why?
  3. Would anyone have the right to govern you? Would you have the right to govern anyone else? Why?
  4. Would you have any rights? What might these rights be?
  5. What might people who were stronger or smarter than others try to do? Why?
  6. What might the weaker or less worldly or wise try to do? Why?
  7. What might life be like for everyone?

Question 2

Should the federal government impose term limits on members of Congress? What impact would term limits have on committees, congressional staff, interest groups, the president, and the executive branch? How would term limits affect the overall power of Congress relative to the other branches of government?

Must be 2-3 paragraphs and include at least one source that supports your position.

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