Derivative Product

Question 1

Pick a recent article from the Wall Street Journal (Economy) and develop an essay. In your essay summarize the article you picked and answer and focus on the following:

  • Why did you pick this article?
  • What are the main points of the article? The article must be related to the INVESTMENTS area at micro or macro level.
  • What is the relationship between the article and INVESTMENTS? That is, relate the terms, concepts, theories, and principles used in this article with the material you learned (or expect to learn in the next chapters) in INVESTMENTS

Remember, the article should be recent.

Question 2

Find a derivative or structured product from any issuer and explain it in plain English. Having done so, state the problems you may have encountered in conveying the features to a client.

The successful submission will clearly and concisely explain the product in a manner appropriate for a retail client who is intelligent but not experienced with investments.

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