Dental Facility

Question 1

Marketing is essential to the healthcare industry for branding and growing health systems. In this assignment, you will compare and contrast marketing data and information for a dental healthcare facility in Jeddah. Review the following article.

  •  Ahmad, A. E. M. K. (2016). Factors influencing consumer choice of private dental care provider in Saudi Arabia. Journal of Management Research, 8(4), 68-81.

Write a 5-6-page paper using the readings, research, and your knowledge of consumerism influencing marketing.

Your paper should analyze the following substantive requirements:

  •  Description of what consumers are looking for in a dental facility in Jeddah.
  •  Evaluate the data presented and any information that would be valuable that is not present in the study.
  •  Assess how consumerism plays (or should play) a role in the marketing strategy of dental facilities in Jeddah.
  •  Provide two recommendations on how to market the dental facility in Jeddah.
  •  Recommend how to monitor the data to ensure your marketing approach is working.

Question 2

Q .1 Define population policies and its scope. Identify and elaborate three important economic grounds to justify interventions in the area of population dynamics.

Q.2 In a situation of relatively fixed population/ resources, does absolute change or rate of change in population more critical for economic development?

Q.3 Write in brief the evolution of major population conferences held since 1950s through 1980s and highlight the debates centering around these conferences and resolutions taken.

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