Database management

You have been hired by National Bank as their new database administrator. Your first task is to upgrade the bank’s outdated computer system and implement a relational database management system.

You have designed the preliminary structure of the database as follows:

Branch Table

·         BranchID

·         BranchName

·         BranchAddress

·         BranchCity

·         BranchState

·         BranchZip

·         BranchPhone

·         BranchManager


Customer Table

·         CustId

·         CustName

·         CustAddress

·         CustCity

·         CustState

·         CustZip

·         CustPhone

·         AccountNo

·         CurrentBal

Teller Table

·         TellerID

·         TellerFirstName

·         TellerLastName

Transaction Table

·         Type (Deposit, Withdrawal)

·         CustName

·         AccountNo

·         AccountType (Savings, Checking, Money Market, IRA)

·         BranchName

·         TransAmount

·         TellerName

·         Date

·         Time

1.     Based on the tables above:

·         Normalize the database to third normal form and create an E-R diagram to determine which fields in each table should serve as the primary key field(s) and which should serve as the foreign key field(s). In some cases, a combination of fields will be needed to create a primary key. Each table must have a primary key field. Explain why you have chosen as you did.

·         Based on your answers to the step above, use Access to designate each of the selected fields as primary key fields.

·         Create the relationships in Access between each of the related tables. Be sure to enforce referential integrity in each case.

·         Apply a validation rule indicating that the values for the AccountID field are limited to 1, 2, 3, or 4 (where each number represents a different account type). Explain how this will limit input values in the AccountID field.

·         Change the field size of the AccountNo field to 7. Explain how this will limit input values in the AccountNo field.

·         Which field(s) would generate the most benefit from being indexed without creating unnecessary tables that require additional storage space? Justify your answers.

·         Use Access or SQL to create appropriate indexes for this database.

2.     Populate the tables with the data supplied below.


1. National Bank East, 1522 N. Main Street, Bayonne, NJ, 07002, 201-908-5676, Paul Nelson

2. National Bank West, 89 Treetop Street, Elizabeth, NJ, 07201, 908-762-1278, Mary Carter

Customers and Accounts

AN45    Max Anderson,  6 Mountain Ln,  Elizabeth, NJ, 07201, 908-233-0987

Savings, #0255684, balance $9875

Checking, #0126478, balance $850

MA12    Paula Maxwell,  45 New Rd, Bayonne, NJ, 07002, 201-567-1280

IRA, #0364897, balance $32,000

TH09     Joan Thompson            , 1783 N Main St, Bayonne, NJ, 07002, 201-564-0964

Savings, #0236458, balance $10050

IRA, #0364597, balance $65000

LE78     Arthur Lewis, 96 Oak Park Ln, Hillside, NJ, 07205, 908-836-9182

Savings, #0856475, balance $12000

Checking, #0245877, balance $500

ST12     Adrian Stone, 123 Newton Rd, Elizabeth, NJ, 07201, 908-675-0182

Money Market, #0457965, balance $25000

RI79      Lillian Rivers, 791 North Ave, Greenville, NJ, 07097, 201-873-1298

Checking, #0126547, balance $222

Savings, #0245987, balance $7500

CA08    John Carpenter  , 8 Old St, Elizabeth, NJ, 07201, 908-459-8237

IRA, #0324879, balance $6900

Checking, #0347895, balance $65

Money Market, #0557965, $1750


MR01    Michael Roans

JM13    Jack Morrison

NS22    Natalie  Stokes

PN01    Patricia Nelson


TransID Customer AccountNo TransType Branch Teller TransAmt Date Time
1001 Anderson 0126478 Deposit West Roans 80.00 12/2/11 3:32 pm
1002 Carpenter 0347895 Deposit West Roans 4000.00 12/2/11 4:12 pm
1003 Thompson 0236458 Deposit East Nelson 1800.00 12/3/11 9:02 am
1004 Carpenter 0557965 Withdrawal East Morrison -50.00 12/3/11 9:12 am
1005 Rivers 0126547 Withdrawal East Morrison -200.00 12/3/11 11:22 am
1006 Stone 0457965 Deposit East Nelson 766.00 12/5/11 10:15 am
1007 Anderson 0255684 Withdrawal East Nelson -310.00 12/5/11 10:22 am
1008 Lewis 0856475 Withdrawal East Nelson -1650.00 12/5/11 12:01 pm
1009 Thompson 0364597 Deposit West Stokes 56.00 12/5/11 2:09 pm
1010 Maxwell 0364897 Deposit West Stokes 851.00 12/6/11 9:01 am
1011 Lewis 0245877 Withdrawal West Roans -1000.00 12/6/11 9:05 am
1012 Lewis 0856475 Deposit West Stokes 1000.00 12/6/11 9:06 am
1013 Rivers 0245987 Withdrawal West Nelson -45.00 12/6/11 10:11 am
1014 Stone 0457965 Deposit West Stokes 6572.00 12/6/11 10:15 am
1015 Carpenter 0347895 Withdrawal East Nelson -300.00 12/6/11 2:22 pm
1016 Carpenter 0324879 Deposit East Nelson 250.00 12/6/11 2:34 pm

3.     Query the database using QBE or SQL to produce the desired results. Save and name each query appropriately.

A.    List the customer ID, first name, and last name of all National Bank customers.

B.    List the complete Teller Info table (all rows and columns).

C.    List the first and last name along with the complete mailing address of all customers who reside in Elizabeth, NJ.

D.    List the first and last name along with the complete mailing address of all customers who do not reside in Elizabeth, NJ.

E.    List the first and last name of all customers who have a savings account with a current balance of more than $10,000.

F.    List the first and last name and current balance of all customers who have an IRA account.

G.    List the first and last name, branch name, transaction amount, and account type of all customers who made a deposit in Dec 5, 2011.

H.    List the first and last name, account number, account type, and new balance for each transaction completed on Dec 6, 2011. To obtain the new balance, add the current balance to the transaction amount. Use NewBalance as the column name for the calculated field.

I.      List the first and last name of all customers who have a money market or IRA account.

J.     List the first and last name of all customers who completed a transaction at either branch. Sort customers by last name within branches.

K.    How many transactions were completed on Dec 2, 2011?

L.     Calculate the total amount of money deposited at National Bank West on December 6, 2011.

M.   For every account, list the last name, first name, address, city, state, ZIP code, and phone number of the owner. Sort by owner’s last name.

N.    For every transaction in the Transaction table, list the first and last name of the owner, teller name, branch name, transaction amount, and transaction type.

O.    List the owner’s last name, account number, transaction amount, and transaction type for all transactions completed by Michael Roans.

P.    Create a new table named IRA Customers using the data in the CustID, AccountNo, and CurrentBal fields for all IRA account holders.

Q.    Use an update query to change the address for Arthur Lewis to 86 Oak Park Ln.

4.     Explain how this RDBMS that you have created benefits the bank, its customers, and its employees. Be sure to include the advantages and disadvantages of using such a system.

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