Data Privacy Policy

Question 1

Below are the questions:

1) Define and defend your position on a data privacy policy for a hypothetical e-commerce web site.Describe the policy and defend its provisions. (Minimum 300 words)

2. In approximately 300 words, answer the question below. Follow APA guidelines. Describe how threat modeling for the low-trust side of an API would differ from threat modeling on the high-trust side of an API.

Question 2

Write a 1-2 page paper in APA format. Describe how Windows Active Directory enhances security in your organization. What, if anything, could be improved? 

Question 3

Provide an explanation of if/where/how does Active Directory support network security.

The paper must be at least 10 pages (2,000-2,500) words and be in APA format.

Must have 5 academic sources.Academic sources do not include wikis, messageboards, support forums, etc. Do not copy and paste large blocks of text from your sources!

As with any research project, make sure to take a position, defend with works cited, and conclude.

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