Data Analysis Approach

Your role is to act as a Business Intelligence IT consultant for a business organization of your own choice (e.g. university, banking, health, retail or airline as a business). You could invent a case study of an organization; however, we suggest you find a case study of an existing organization. Your chosen organization could already have a BI solution that is out of date or may not have a BI solution as yet. You should research and critically evaluate methodologies, theories, processes, strategies and technologies in order to design a feasible Business Intelligence solution for your organization. In your report you should present evidence of BI aspects you have considered for the organization.

The assignment is an individual report. The word count should not exceed 3000 words. As a suggestion your assignment should address the following: an introduction and background to the case study organization (200 words). A literature review (1000 words) in order to evidence and evaluate the most suitable strategy and technology for the organization.

  •  Critically appraise and outline the current issues, trends and practices in Business Intelligence (BI) applicable for your organization, using literature to support your discussion.
  •  Discuss and evaluate the role of data in BI for your organization
  •  Outline the major changes you would anticipate in your organization when implementing your BI solution.
  •  What aspects of the organizational structure would your BI solution impact upon, and how?
  •  Identify the internal and external drivers and challenges for your chosen BI implementation.

Methodology (1000 words)

  •  Evaluate the BI project lifecycle and suitable methodology and approaches for your BI strategy
  •  Identify the model(s) used, and evaluate their effectiveness in order to produce an appropriate BI design solution for your case study organization.

Data analysis and visualization (300 words)

  •  Research into appropriate Data Analysis approach and present Visualization model (s) on a sample dataset (e.g. you can use open source data) to support your arguments which you have presented in the literature review.

Conclusion (500)

  •  Alongside the report conclusion, provide THREE key recommendations for the chosen organization. Suggest solutions for your recommendations that would be part of a BI implementation solution.

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