Data Analysis


purpose of education the perspective of theaters of using project-based learning methods of private school in west Saudi Arabia

Findings (1,000 words)

What did you find: What is the answer to your research question and sub-questions, based on the data analysis that you performed?….answer

  • Organize your writing according to the major themes and categories that you identified. Use sections with headings to separate one theme from the next.
  • When summarizing findings, you MUST reference the actual transcriptswith the coding, so that it is clear how your findings tie back to the actual data and coding. Do not “just make things up.” Use quotes from the actual transcripts to support your claims and reference them.

Example: One participant believed that homeschooling was a better option for his children because it provided them with opportunity to spend as much time as necessary on one topic. (Transcript # X, page# X, paragraph# X). Echoing this thought, a common theme in the narratives was parents’ concern about lack of opportunity to engage in in-depth study of topic in science:

Here you need to place a verbatim quote from the transcript that is illustrative and representative of this theme. (Transcript #X, page #X, paragraph #X).

Above words support the idea that the purpose of education is to allow an opportunity to engage deeply in learning about the world around us.


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