Dashboard and Storybook development using Cognos Analytics


  1. Using the analysis derived from previous assignments, provide a brief description/summary of the datasets used and the results saved.
  • Highlight key findings.  Use this information as a building block for competing assignment 4.  Using the results from your previous assignments and/or new data sets develop at least two informative and insightful assembled displays.
  • Develop an insightful Dashboard.  Complete and discuss a dashboard which shows insights gained from visualizations.  Be creative!
  • Build at least one dynamic Storybook. Fill in with your own data set information and visualizations. Be sure to “tell the story” of the analysis with the storybook.

    Using Cognos Analytics:
  • Assemble at lease one detailed and insightful dashboard.
    • Assemble informative visualizations into an insightful dashboard.  You may include the findings and insights gained from previous assignments or additional data set explorations.  
    • Discuss key features of the dashboard and how they contribute to the understanding of or insights gained from the analysis. 
    • Formulate at least one dynamic Storybook using Cognos Analytics.  Discuss insights gained from Storybooks perspective.
    • Outline and discuss one specific area in your organization where the information and results from 4 would be useful. Discuss the value of this approach for your organization.  What value and insights can be gained?  What would be the resistance to this approach in your organization?  What would be the advantages and disadvantages?

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