Daily Food Plan

Question 1

Daily Food Plan & Diet Analysis

For your assignment this week, you will have the opportunity to view your own personalized daily food plan. Follow the steps below to complete your assignment.


Click the link below for instructions on how to complete your customized food plan. Print as a PDF or take a screenshot of your plan. Upload it to the course. (10 pts)

MyPlate Daily Food Plan Instructions


Answer the following questions:

  1. What is your daily calorie limit? (1 point)
  2. What is your physical activity target? (1 point)
  3. How many cups of vegetables should you eat each day? (1 point)
  4. How many cups of fruit should you eat each day? 
    (1 point)
  5. What is your daily target for the protein foods? 
    (1 point)
  6. How many ounces of grains should you eat each day?(1 point)
  7. How does your current diet compare with this plan? 
    (2 points)
  8. What changes can you make to your diet in order to better follow this recommended daily food plan? 
    (2 points

Question 2

We will go as a family to a restaurant to immerse in a cultural food experience. While you are at the restaurant, take note of the atmosphere, the quality of service and food (etc). Once you get home, write a 1 page review of your food experience.

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