Current Slogan

Question 1

In Module Three you created a mind map for a brand you use (or wish you used). Based on that mind map, create a logo and a slogan for the product. This will probably look very different from the current brand logo and slogan. This slogan and logo should promote the ideas, feelings, and descriptions of importance that you identified in Module Three. Use the resources below to help you do this:

Go to LogoMaker by HP to design a logo for the brand. Follow the instructions by choosing an industry, and then choose symbol, letter, or abstract. Add the brand name. See what you can do.

Visit the interesting Ad Slogans website. Though it has not been kept up-to-date, if you explore the site you will find many white papers on branding, as well as slogans with rationales and examples of use. It is a European site, so some of the products may be unfamiliar, but many will be easily recognized. Use the content to prepare a slogan to accompany the logo you designed.

Question 2

Select a brand that you like and has product(s) you use (or wish you could use). What do you think of when you think of the brand and products? Build a mind map of the brand. This mind map should include ideas, feelings, personality and description words for the brand. What was captured in your mind map that is not captured in the brandâ s current slogan or mantra? What is missing in your mindmap that the company is trying to communicate in its slogan? Are they similar? Why or why not?

2-3 Pages APA

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