Culture Difference

Question 1

Please make sure every point in a different page.

  • List the six rules for using commas and five rules for capital letters in grammar or more if you choose. Note: Do all of this on the same page. Look it up online
  • List ten rules for using numbers in grammar. look it up online
  • Watch the YouTube video, “The Secret.”Then, type a few paragraphs telling what the Secret is – according to this video and how you feel about it. This is a worldwide theory which is very controversial. Think before you write about what you think they are saying. If you are confused, you are welcome to look at Oprah and Steve Harvey’s view on this theory which is also on YouTube.
  • Watch the YouTube video, ‘Who Moved the Cheese.” 

Question 2

Compare about two different culture Saudi Arabia and United States in three paragraph and should have the essay introduction and conclusion. 

Question 3

Using 5 stylistic devices in English language, depict a real-life situation and illustrate how they are used. 1 page 350 words APA referencing style

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