Cultural Trust

Reflection on Cultures of Trust. This exercise is in preparation for Unit 8 and a place to examine your organization’s culture based on eight trust factors. For this reflection,

-first take the Ofactor survey at This will give you data on trust in (survey uploaded here)
-your organization, its culture of trust, and data on purpose and joy. Using these results, in one page, reflect on the following questions:
1. What is your organization’s overall trust score and give one example of where you see this score affecting organizational productivity, retention, engagement, or employee well-being in your organization.
2. What connection can you make between trust and the problem of practice you identified in your Organizational Change Toolkit?
Problem of Practice from Organizational Toolkit:
Employees need to fill challenged in different ways and perhaps they need to feel competitive in order to set a new cultural goal. Perhaps, employees need to view themselves as “who we are”, “what is our purpose” and “how we do things” to clearly see purpose on why they must challenge themselves and for what reason



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