Cultural Outsiders

`1. Part 1: ~400-600words in length

Cultural outsiders tend to romanticize the impoverishment of Indians, but Junior quickly dispels this myth, insisting, “It sucks to be poor, and it sucks to feel that you somehow deserve to be poor. You start believing that you’re poor because you’re stupid and ugly. And then you start believing that you’re stupid and ugly because you’re Indian. And because you’re Indian you start believing that you’re destined to be poor. It’s an ugly circle and there’s nothing you can do about it. Poverty doesn’t give you strength or teach you lessons about perseverance. No, poverty only teaches you how to be poor” (13). How and in what ways does Junior (and his family) struggle with poverty? How has poverty affected the mindset of Junior’s parents and sister? How does it affect him? Provide a variety of examples from across this week’s assigned reading, and be sure to incorporate (and analyze) direct quotations where appropriate.

Structure: for part 1

Your primary post should include an introduction that introduces the topic and ends with a clearly worded, 1-2 sentence thesis statement.Each supporting paragraph (there should be at least 3) should begin with a strong topic sentence and should incorporate evidence, including direct quotations from the short stories as needed to support your argument. Direct quotations should be incorporated using the quotation sandwich method and proper MLA in-text citations. The post should also contain a strong conclusion.

2. Part 2 should be 200-500 word respond

What new opportunities did World War I present for women and African-Americans in the United States? What limitations did these groups continue to face in spite of these opportunities?

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