Cultural Examination

The topic is about GMOs food and GMOs food issue in USA.

This paper needs an interview part, you can make up this part, say you interviews your friend about his/her attitude of GMOs food, will he/her choose to buy GMOs food. The detailed writing requirement is post below, please check. And need 15 citations.


A biocultural examination of your chosen topic

  • 1500-2000 words
  • Bio-cultural—both a biological anthropological and a cultural examination
  • Use your Interview or observation to explain the topic you chose.It is most effective if you use that person as the lens through which you view the topic.
  • If you used the presentation either as a short first draft or as a presentation of just one aspect of your research, now flesh out the project.
  • Bibliography should include:
    • 5 Academic/scholarly sources (from your first assignment)
    • 5 Readings from the course (preferably more)
    • At least 5 other sources/readings (preferably more)
    • See item 2 under peer evaluations
  • Pay attention to feedback on your assignments and ask for help if we haven’t been clear.

Requirements checklist for presentation and final paper:

  • Examine your chosen subject scientifically and culturally.
  • Study a living person or people by doing ONE of the following:
    • One Interview !!!!!!!!! OR One observation (you are welcome to do more, but you only have to do one of either).
  • Relate your research to at least 15 (more is better) resources—
    • 5 from your initial scholarly literature search in the first project assignment,
    • 5 course readings (readings assigned in the syllabus) and
    • 5 other sources that you have discovered in your research. Ask Dr. O’Bryan if you have questions about how to do this.
  • Include both Science and Culture in discussion of your chosen topic.

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