Cultural Barriers

Question 1

In this assignment, address how your project may affect society–locally and/or globally–if implemented and how human behavior will affect the success of your design. The following are a list of questions to help you start thinking about this analysis. Not all questions will apply to all projects, and this list is not necessarily comprehensive.

  • What global, social or cultural influences have led to a need for your project? (Everyone should be able to address this question.)
  • How will your design help create an even playing field for underprivileged people?
  • What human, social, and cultural barriers may result in difficulties implementing your project?
  • How may society’s perception of your project result in difficulties during implementation?
  • What may be the environmental impact of your project over its life cycle?
  • What may be the effect on public health or society? How will your project affect quality of life?

Student is able to describe influences leading to a need for their project; social, political, economic and environmental effects of their project; social and cultural barriers to implementation of the project, as applicable. Student provides supporting details and/or examples for all areas.

Question 2

part 1

How does culture and the media affect voting practices and participation?

Response should be 75 words

part 2

Would you ever run for political office? If not, why not? If yes, which office would you seek, and why?

Your response should be at least 75 words

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