Critical Race Theory


In regards to  Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Select an article that’s less than three years old related to SHRM and discuss:

the main points the author make. Do you agree? Why or why not? 

What would make this article stronger? Bring in at least one other author viewpoint on the topic (from your background readings or library research), comparing or contrasting it to the article that you read.

You have a choice for the format of your submission, either submit:

Provide 2-3 page paper with an introduction and conclusion, not including cover page or reference page. 


The key words for this research exercise are “Information Security Personnel.” Find a publication pertaining to the subject. Depending on the size or type of article you find, you may concentrate your focus on one topic in the article. Write a 1-2 pages APA style paper. In the first portion of the paper, summarize your findings. In the second part, critique the publication’s article. Be sure to include references.

Integrate and identify (with) the concepts from your textbook and the module/course content in your  research exercise paper. The heading for the last section of your paper should include an “Author’s Reflection” (your reflection) critiquing of the journal, publication, article, website, or situation examined.  Be sure to use newly acquired terminology. 

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