Criminology Research Paper 1

Question description

Conflict Theories

1. Develop an interview tool utilizing the skills learned from the research chapter.

Develop a minimum of eight open ended interview questions, specifically from a

CONFLICT THEORY viewpoint or orientation of crime (ie Marxist, Feminist, etc.).

2.Ask four people (may be friends or family) the questions you have developed, recording

their responses to your questions.

3.Write up what you have found regarding the questions asked and the feedback you

have received.

4.Write a paper with an Introduction, body, findings and results section. In this paper you

should introduce your direction or goals of your paper, why you chose your questions,

what you hoped to learn, what you did find/learn from this approach.

Keep in Mind:

*The actual paper should be 1,000 (minimum) words or more, not including your interview tool.

*Please share a copy of your interview tool.

*Ask open ended questions (not just yes and no based) from a CONFLICT perspective. With many social

justice issues in the news, this appears to be a very relevant theoretical approach. Questions about things like

capitalism, a negative economy or sexism may be relevant to crime.

*Your questions are to be of a CONFLICT viewpoint of crime, keep them as centered on this issue as


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