Crime Chapter

Question 1

Read Born a crime chapter 10 pg 130-133 and finish following three parts


After reading the assigned chapter(s), the Summarizer will make sure to summarize what the chapters/pages the group read, explaining concepts that may have been difficult for some group members to comprehend or helping them find the most articulate way to convey the events and discussions from the memoir. This person may print out a summary, but is still responsible for reading it outloud to the group during the meeting.


This person will find connections between the memoir and the concepts from the previous readings. This may require this person to re-read some of the readings on grit, mindset, habits, etc.. During the meeting, this individual will make sure to thoroughly explain the connections, not merely say that they exist.


The Quoter will filter through the text and find quotes that may be beneficial for the essay and/or presentation. This Quoter should also include some sort of paraphrase and/or translation of the chosen quote and explain its significance.


Since connecting ideas from what we read to the world around us helps us understand the significance of the ideas, the Philosopher will do some outside research, finding situations parallel to either the concepts from the readings or from the memoir. Is there a recent news story that is similar to that of your memoirs subjects? Is there any information or updates on the events of the memoir? What are some of the other opinions out there relating to what you’ve read?

Question 2

In a 500 words essay, analyze the role irony plays in Edwin Arlington Robinson’s “Richard Cory.” You will develop a thesis in which you formulate an argument about Robinson’s use of irony, and you will use content from the poem to support your argument.

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