Course Project: Safety

Utilizing the checklists prepared in Units V and VI, review your current organizational safety program, and look specifically for the following:

 hazard identification;

 provisions for the identification and/or treatment of muscular, skeletal, or cumulative trauma disorders;

 environmental safety; and

 ethical decision making and corporate culture.

If you do not have a current organization, use the safety program from an organization that has displayed their program on the Internet, or have a friend or family member provide you with the safety program from their organization. If you are still unable to obtain a safety program, then ask local industries in your area for a copy of their safety program.

Review the safety program you have chosen. In your review, write an essay to address your findings and recommendations, and provide applicable references as needed. This project should be at least three pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages), and it should be created using APA style guidelines.

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