Country Risk Analysis for Indonesia

Question descriptionThe assignment should focus on the following points:

  • Select specific and famous company (your option) want to expand in Indonesia . this company must first time want to expand in Indonesia. They should not have any branches or subsidiaries in Indonesia.
  • Read all chapter as attachment which mention all about country risk analysis and explain in critical analysis about that country (Indonesia) (5 pages) this the important part in the assignment.
  • Follow and take idea to make same table for that selected company as table 16.3 page 485 in chapter as attachment
  • Evaluate the factors related to government and economy that deserve to be considered. Your analysis should discuss the factors that might affect the cost of productionfinancing costsdemand for products etc. for the selected company.
  • Also discuss the benefits and drawback of having no more than 1 and half page :
  • a weak currency.
  • a strong currency.
  • After discuss point 5 determine the country which selected if it has weak or strong currency and what is your analysis .
  • Organization of assignment :
  • Please no more than 8 pages and not include cover page and references ( introduction, significance of study, country risk analysis(political risk and financial risk, macro assessment and  of country risk (page 481 of chapter), benefits and drawback for both a weak currency and a strong currency and link with that country , conclusion

 There must be proper Harvard referencing and citation, where required.

– Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, Justified

– all references should be recently and from good sources as only can use old reference in background about company or in few area if needed it.

– use different references(journals book, articles, ….. not only online )please and not old

– we need all original references which use it as attachment .

Note: There are four attachments for your instructions:

1. Assignment question

2. Chapter guideline about country risk analysis.

3. Focus points.

4. Sample report only to take idea.

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