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It is the wish of every country in the world to handle the issues of counterterrorism with the robustness it requires. Combating terrorism requires every effort from different department and agencies. Every person has to work with each other in harmony to ensure that the response gotten is of great value and helps in fighting this enormous problem that has affected the whole world. The United States has tried as much as possible to have robust counterterrorism techniques but has for a long time suffered many challenges while perfecting these techniques. The challenges have been emanating right from the legal point of view to the citizens themselves among many other issues that seem to bring down the consistency of dealing with this kind of issue. This paper, therefore, seeks to highlight several counterterrorism challenges and how they have become challenges together with how to handle them in an amicable manner.

Political interference

For a long time, the American political class has taken charge of the directions on many issues. It is the good will of the political class that led to the development of Homeland Security Act that was passed unanimously by the Congress. According to Yusuf (2014), political weakness features as one of the challenges to terrorism (p. 203). However, the same political class combined with the lobbying from different lobby groups have blown the battle against terrorism in the right direction. For instance, the battle against ISIS was a campaign issue in the 2016 presidential election. Different presidents bring different policies on counter-terrorism. This tends to weaken this battle making America remain very vulnerable in a way or the other.

This issue can only be solved with the first of all winning the political goodwill among different views. The conservative and liberals should come together and agree on this issues since all Americans share the threats in equal dimensions. It is also necessary to stick to the strategy and only change it when it is deemed necessary by all parties.

Lack of support from Americans

The war to counterterrorism is at a crossroad because there is division among the American citizens. Some of the legal policies that have been developed over time. While some of the policies on counterterrorism have been developed and accepted by many of the Americans, according to Pickering, McCulloch, and Wright-Neville, (2008), it is clear that others have not necessary support( p. 109). In Scheinin, In Krunke and Aksenova (2016), seem to be against some of the surveillance laws which they view as an intrusion on their rights and against the amendments on the personal rights (p. 164). This has limited the intelligence department on achieving the goal. The Patriot Act has faced difficulties in implementation in a way or the other with the same happening in search and seizure.

It is always necessary to ensure there is proper public participation in the development of the anti and counter-terrorism laws in the United States. The American people ought to be sensitized on the issue and made to understand some of these strategies on the issue. It is good to ensure that the laws do not infringe the rights of the citizens of the United States.


The challenges faced by the Americans in the process of saving the nation against terrorism is from Americans themselves. Mainly it is the issue of the policies as well as winning support from all stakeholders. Without proper consideration of this issues, it might take long to counter this menace as well as to ensure that there are minimal threats. However, the Americans have been able to achieve much in the battle against terrorist despite the challenges.



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