Corporation Law

Question 1

Who are directors of company?What are their duties of directors under Australia Corporation Law?
• Give a short history of the evolution of director’s duties and responsibilities.
Please enumerate their duties and responsibilities today. Are their duties the same in proprietary companies and public companies?
• Explain the consequences should directors contravene the law and the remedies available.
• What do you see in the future direction of director’s duties in Australia?
• Please cite relevant case law and the statutes in your answer and provide proper references.
Length 2,000 words

Question 2

You are the firm’s paralegal working on Ann C. Dorite’s case. You have been asked by partner Rich N. Moore to write a law office memo on the case. In the memo you will summarize the partner’s meeting on Ms. Dorite’s case and discuss as appropriate the Illinois cases on the issue of the City’s duty to maintain its streets in a reasonably safe condition. How do you keep the tone of the memo neutral and why? In addition, make a simple outline for the law office memo you have been asked to write for this week’s written assignment and post in your discussion post. You do not need to have read the cases to do the outline.

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