Corporate Philanthropy

Question 1

These question are taken from the Discussion Case: Fidelity Investments’ Partnership with Citizen Schools (pp. 414-416 of your textbook). Choose one of the questions below and respond with a primary post of 400-500 words.

1) What evidence do you see in this case of the three kinds of corporate philanthropy discussed in Chapter 18: contributions of cash, in-kind products or services, and employee time?

2) What are the benefits and risks to Fidelity Investments of its partnership with Citizen Schools?

3) Do you consider Fidelity Investment’s partnership with Citizen Schools to be an example of strategic philanthropy, as defined in chapter 18? Why or why not?

Question 2

3. Reform vs Revolution. Some social movements seek change through reform, working within or with allies within the government or existing systems in order to effect change. Others seek to dismantle the system entirely. Drawing from Crimes Against Nature, Trans Kids, and Black Against Empire, describe how some social movements seem to find acceptance within the system through reform of its structure or policies, while others advocate for a full revolution that requires dismantling the system entirely in order to effect their desired change.

Double spaced

APA format

5 pages

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