Corporate Finance

Question 1

Choose from the Saudi stock market any corporate Finance event that has an implication on the price of the stock.

  • Example: dividends announcement, merger, acquisition, raising capital, etc.. (one Event)

Perform an event study on a reasonable sample with minimum 5 stocks that experienced such event.Analyze statistically your findings.Your study should include the following sections:

  • Literature review. (doesn’t have to be based on all the articles or text books)
  • Methodology. (event Study; process and steps followed)
  • Findings.
  • Conclusion.
  • References.

Consult sources of literature from theoretical and applied research framework in all of your work. Your text book or published research that was done on your selected event.11 Pages report (including table of content, Executive summary, references)graphs of the stock behavior should be included (from Tadawul)a good source would be where you will find such announcements

Question 2

1. What is the difference between the forward and the futures markets? What are the pros and cons associated with using each one?

2. Explain the difference in the gain and loss potential of a call option and a long futures position. Under what circumstances do you think someone would prefer the option to the future or vice versa?

3. What agency is the chief regulator of futures and options markets? Why is federal regulation necessary?

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