Corporate Finance

Question 1

Research the topic of Corporate Restructuring.

  • What is corporate restructuring?
  • Why would corporate restructuring be necessary if a firm has been properly managed?
  • How can restructuring help with strategy execution?
  • Give examples of restructuring from your own work experience and/or from your readings?
  • What worked and/or did not work well in the restructuring?
  • What were the impacts of the restructuring on the organization and its customers?

Question 2

1. Elaborate on the concepts of debt vs. equity financing. What are the advantages and disadvantages to a taxpaying entity in issuing debt as opposed to equity? 2-3 paragraphs

2. Discuss which health care law- EMTALA, HIPAA, STARK or Anti-kickback- is most challenging for health care organizations to monitor and/or prevent. Explain your position. 2-3 paragraphs

3. Complete an 8-10 slide presentation on either HIPAA, EMTALA, Anti-Kickback, or the STARK Law. Discuss why following these laws are necessary and the challenges health care professionals face in upholding these laws. Provide an example of an organization that violated one of these laws and the consequences they faced. 

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